Rock and Roll as music genre

Rock’n’roll is a style of popular music that emerged in the United States in the mid-1950s and developed into a more comprehensive international style in the mid-1960s

Rock and roll was described as a fusion of country music and blues. Seeds of music have been in place for decades, but they grew up in the mid-1950s when they ate a volatile mixture of black culture and white purchasing power.

Post-war youth demanded new idols, new music, free and incendiary. Young people at that time did not share racial prejudices, so without a shadow of doubt wandering on black radio stations in search of rhythmic sounds. This is what Alan Freed used to do.

Conservative parents did not share the interests of their children. As a result – rock ‘n’ roll declared war. Famous people called rock ‘n’ roll “black contagion”, capable of destroying America. In schools, jeans fell under the ban, parents scolded children for their tastes, in an attempt to weaken the influence of black culture. But for young Americans who are tired of living in a world of delusions, the skin color of their favorite performers was irrelevant.

Dead or alive, though, or rock and roll? As long as there are bands performing this genre. While covers of popular American songs of the middle of the last century are being created. As long as the memory of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and other style pioneers is alive, we can’t talk about the death of rock’n’roll. After all, their work is still popular. Hits of half a century ago are used as musical accompaniment for films and commercials.

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