Legendar rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival

Today we will talk about the awesome group Creedence Clearwater Revival – – An American rock band formed in 1967, which in its five years of existence has achieved worldwide success and recognition by critics. The main genre of the group is southern rock. Their music is also referred to as blues rock. The group was born in San Francisco, California (USA). They consider 1967 to be the year of creation of the group.

Over the entire period, the group has changed many members. It is also worth noting the contribution to the development of the group that the old members made. Among them, for example, Doug Clifford. Many experts recognize the exclusivity of his work. It was he who came up with the words for the legendary song “Proud Mary”. According to the Proud Mary Songfacts, the phrase “Proud Mary” reminded John Fogerty of a domestic washerwoman, which is what he started writing the song about.

Interestingly, Doug and Stu were born a few hours apart (April 24th and 25th ’45th), and thanks to their names they often sat next to each other at the desk. Their one year old John (born May 28, ’45) was the average in a family of five brothers. His parents divorced, and his sons were raised by their mother, a schoolteacher who encouraged them to love music. In addition to John, Tom’s second oldest brother (born November 9, ’41) took a great interest in music.

In Britain the single “Bad Moon Rising” (1969) was taken over by UK Singles Chart; five others were also part of the Top 20. In 1993, the CCR was introduced into the rock’n’roll Hall of Fame

The discography of the group has 7 albums. Among others, Pendulum is worth highlighting – Fantasy, December 1970. It was released in an undefined year and has since been the coolest album of all time. The tracks of this album are permeated with notes of joy that cause a lot of emotions.

At the end of 1970, CCR collected many international awards and prizes: “Best Album Artist of 1970” (Billboard), “Top International Pop Group” (New Musical Express); “Top Pop Group” (USA, England, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel, Norway – according to Billboard International Poll); Best Foreign Group (according to a survey among Italian rock critics) and others!

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