! Top 20 Songs !
1- Holiday Album: Wreckorder (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Fran Healy
2- I Cant Explain Album: The Best of Scorpions
Artist: Scorpions
3- Hope Is Not Enough Album: He Who Saw The Deep
Artist: I Like Trains
4- Sing Me To Sleep Album: Wreckorder (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Fran Healy
5- Manat Yeter Album: Haolam Hamufla
Artist: Rockfour
6- I Am Really Gonna Miss You Album: Best of Billy Preston
Artist: Billy Preston
7- When The Deal Goes Down Album: House of Blues
Artist: Bob Dylan
8- Close Album: Burn It All Down
Artist: Bloody Knives
9- Bed Of Roses Album: Greatest Hits CD-1
Artist: Bon Jovi
10- Young Blood Album: Speaking Horrors
Artist: Cemeteries
11- In Front of Me Album: No Respect
Artist: Nickelback
12- Ironbound Album: Ironbound
Artist: Overkill
13- Yogore Naki Season Album: Glay
Artist: Glay
14- Consider The Source Album: Northern Aggression
Artist: Steve Wynn
15- Rainy Days Album: The Demon Dance
Artist: Sideburn
16- Truth Album: Love Amongst Ruin
Artist: Love Amongst Ruin
17- Cat Scratch Fever Album: The Essential Dock Rock CD 1
Artist: Ted Nugent
18- Mob Rules Album: Seventh Star CD-2
Artist: Black Sabbath
19- Barricades Of Heaven Album: Glastonbury
Artist: Jackson Browne
20- Starlight (Ft. Myles Kennedy) Album: Slash (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Slash
21- Born Again Album: Born Again
Artist: Blood Axis
22- My Detonation Album: Rock And Roll Live
Artist: Rob Tognoni
23- Rock On Album: Born Free
Artist: Kid Rock
24- Prayer (Live) (Bonus Track) Album: Sevendust
Artist: Sevendust
25- Communication Breakdown Album: Mothership
Artist: Led Zeppelin
26- Throw It Up Album: The State vs Torrence Hatch
Artist: Lil Boosie
27- Inhuman Race Album: Omega Wave
Artist: Forbidden
28- Its Alright Album: Many Great Companions CD 2
Artist: Dar Williams
29- They Do, They Do Not Album: Sleep Through The Static
Artist: Jack Johnson
30- Tell You Something (Nanas Reprise) Album: As I Am
Artist: Alicia Keys